"We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice,
we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison (1943-1945)

Video: The church and homosexuality

'Is Change Possible and What do we mean by 'Change'?

R Gagnon, A Comiskey, M Davie and A Symes consider this from various positions

Dr Mike Davidson Introduction to 'Debunking the Myths' Conference 2014

Opening remarks on Debunking the Myths Conference, 2014, London and Belfast

Part 1 "The Myth of the Sexually Tolerant Jesus" Robert Gagnon 2014

“The Myth of the Sexually Tolerant Jesus” Introduced by: Professor John Nolland, Trinity College, Bristol

Past 2: "Paul and Homosexuality" - Robert Gagnon 2014

Part 2: Paul, Homosexuality, and the So-called ‘New Knowledge’ Arguments (Exploitation, Orientation, Misogyny)”Chairman: Professor John Nolland

Sexual Identity and the Right of Choice: 'The Big Questions'

The right to choose - 'The Big Questions' 2009

Christian Weekly News

Christian Weekly News: pavement, park, pew, pulpit and parliament

Understanding Same-sex Attraction

Undersanding Same Sex Attraction