"We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice,
we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison (1943-1945)

Video: Give me a Chance

Angel and Luis share how tragedy was used to help shape their lives in Christ

God intervenes in the lives of two Pulse nightclub victims.

Give me a Chance - Final Edit

Royal Seed Music (Matthew Grech) with Faith Child, Mike Aremu and Purist Evans Ogboi perform in Westminster, remembering the 9M unborn killed since 1967 in the UK, the ex-gays denied the right to self-identification and those Christians dying in Northern Nigeria at the hands of Islamic extremists

Matthew Grech - Lead Performer for Give Me a Chance

Matthew Grech is the lead performer for Give Me a Chance, together with his team. They are supported by renowned artists from Nigeria

Matthew Grech and Team Welcome

Matthew Grech (Roycal Seed Music) will lead the Concert on Thursday May 2nd 2019

Purist Ogboi to present at Give Me a Chance Concert

Purist Ogboi will perform at the Give me a Chance Concert on Thursday May 2nd 2019

Matthew Grech - Give Me A Chance (Pro-Life Anthem) ft. Stevey EB & Louise Varming

Why abort a miracle? Matthew Grech - Give Me A Chance (Pro-Life Anthem) ft. Stevey EB & Louise Varming Available everywhere now: Spotify | https://spoti.fi/2Xmzpzs Apple Music | https://apple.co/2XiOUbt Amazon | https://amzn.to/2UkC76w Connect with Matthew Grech: Facebook | https://bit.ly/2GsYIKt Instagram | https://bit.ly/2UH3Ao6 Twitter | https://bit.ly/2GtBiEJ Percussion and Duduk by James Jesser

Mike Aremu - Give Me a Chance Concer

Renowned saxophanist Mike Aremu will present at the Give Me a Chance COncert, Thursday May 2nd 2019

Give Me a Chance - Live Concert: Remembering the Nigerian Genocide

Core Issues Trust presents Matthew Grech and friends (Royal Seed Music), supported by renowned Nigerian Artists Mike Aremu, Purist Ogboi and Faith-Child at the Live GIVE ME A CHANCE Concert, Thursday May 2nd 2019 at 6.00 pm at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster. Book on EVENTBRITE

Give Me a Chance Concert - May 2nd 2019

Three streams coming together concerned for the 9M unvoiced children who never got to play in the sunshine, the ex-gays denied the right to professional and pastoral help to be who they are, and importantly to raise an appeal - a love gift - for the genocide taking place in northern Nigeria among Christian believers. Please help us! Sign up on Eventbrite - be there! Help us love on them in this small way!