"We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice,
we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison (1943-1945)

Video: Ban on Therapy

ITV News Reports Planned Ban of

ITV News reports on the what it calls "conversion" therapy and those churches that it claims "cure" homosexuals. Anyone know any church in the UK that uses such terminology - or is "conversion therapy" simply being used for anything that refuses to accept the normalisation of homosexuality in church and society?

ITV News

The dangers of viewpoint discrimination. Having only one ideological perspective focussed on the issues of unwanted same-sex attractions can lead to only one outcome

BBC 1 News 3 July 2018

The government refuses to define "conversion therapy" instead ensuring that anything that opposes the normalisation of homosexuality is included in their list. But what of those therapeutic approaches that have been helpful to many individuals?

BBC News Ban on so-called Conversion Therapy

View-point discrimination and the therapy ban. Are we in danger of making public policy based on anecdotal evidence and convenience samples?

BBC 1 Victoria Derbyshore Show: Proposed Government Therapy Ban

Victoria Derbyshire speaks to Vicky Beeching, Crispin Blunt, Jayne Ozanne, Dr Louise Theodosiou and Mike Davidson.

10 resons not to ban

Carys Moseley and Mike Davidson share why European countries should not ban therapies for unwanted same-sex attractions.

Must Stay Gay Live VOS.TV

Dr Carys Moseley (Consultant to Christian Concern) Dr Stephen Baskerville (Professor of Government, Patrick Henry College) and Roger Kiska (Consultant to the Christian Legal Centre) discuss the proposed banning of psychotherapeutic support for unwanted same-sex attractions, with Mike Davidson.

About California Bill AB2943

About California Bill AB2943 - which aims to ban therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions

Mike Davidson - about effective therapy for homosexuals

Mike Davidson - about effective therapy for homosexuals (Russian translation)