"We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice,
we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison (1943-1945)

Video: Ban on Therapy

The Clash of Civilisations (part 1) Is it possible to leave homosexuality?

Presenter Tomasz Terlikowski (TV Republica, Poland) speaks with Matthew Grech (part 1) and hDr Mike Davidson (2) with Lukasz Kula Translator, about how people move away from homosexual practices towards viable relationships with the opposite sex in some cases.

The Clash of Civilisations (part 2) Is it possible to leave homosexuality?

In part two Tomasz Terlikowski (TV Republica, Poland) focuses on the therapeutic issues around supporting those with unwanted same-sex attractions. Matthew Grech continues his story and shares more of his experieince, with Translator Lukasz Kula.

Germany wants to ban therapeutic choice and client auronomy...

The German Government has determined to ban therapeutic choice and client autonomy, imposing the agendas of those who reject the idea that individuals should choose their own identities.

Kylie Delia Discusses Equality with Matthew Grech at the US Embassy in London

Ex-lesbian Kylie Delia has a conversation with Matthew Grech (Ex-LGBT, Malta) outside the US Embassy in London, on 7th June 2019. Friends of the IFTCC had gathered to deliver a letter to the US Ambassador to register concerns about the US Congress Equality Act (US) 2019

Introducing the Documentary about Joseph Nicolosi - a True Friend

We will shortly be making the documentary film Joseph Nicolosi - a True Friend availanle for free. Here is something about that project.

IFTCC Visits USA Embassy London

The USA Equality Act 2019 threatens the rights and freedoms of ex-gay people globally. Friends of the IFTCC visited the US Embassy in London to deliver a letter of concern last weerk.

Defending Freedom of Choice Around Sexual Identity

Stephen Nolan speaks to Jayne Ozanne and Dr Mike Davidson about sexual attraction fluidity exploration in the therapy - which Jayne opposes.

What is Conversion Therapy?

Described as anything between pseudo-psychological theories and corrective rape so called Conversion Therapy is simply a term used to designate any view that is based on -Judeo-Christian ethics and values. As the culture wars expose the real battle at stake, its time to stand together and speak the truth in love.

Once Gay Premiere Belfast

Matthew Grech story now available https://youtu.be/2a87DIe5alg