"We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice,
we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison (1943-1945)


Give me a Chance - Final Edit

Royal Seed Music (Matthew Grech) with Faith Child, Mike Aremu and Purist Evans Ogboi perform in Westminster, remembering the 9M unborn killed since 1967 in the UK, the ex-gays denied the right to self-identification and those Christians dying in Northern Nigeria at the hands of Islamic extremists

Give Me a Chance!

Mike Aremu, Purist Ogboi, Faith-Child, Matthew Grech, Louise Varming, Stevey Ellul Bonici together with Angel Colon and Luis Javier Ruiz are calling you to support the call to end the violence of silencing. Join with them and support the Christian victims of terrorism in Northern Nigeria on Thursday 2nd May, at 6 pm book on Eventbrite.

Heal Our Land

Purist Ogboi is one of UK's creative Gospel Recording Artistes. The "Give Me a Chance!" Concert on Thursday 2nd May will include an offering for the survivors and victims of the genocide in Northern Nigeria against Christian believers. Book on Evenbrite.

Give Me a Chance - Live Concert

Live, May 2nd in London. A collaborative effort of three streams refusing to be silenced - speaking out, through live music.

Defending Freedom of Choice Around Sexual Identity

Stephen Nolan speaks to Jayne Ozanne and Dr Mike Davidson about sexual attraction fluidity exploration in the therapy - which Jayne opposes.

What is Conversion Therapy?

Described as anything between pseudo-psychological theories and corrective rape so called Conversion Therapy is simply a term used to designate any view that is based on -Judeo-Christian ethics and values. As the culture wars expose the real battle at stake, its time to stand together and speak the truth in love.

IFTCC Protest at Malta House: Matthew Grech reflects on his story

On Monday 11th February a group of those supporting Matthew Grech gathered at the Maltese High Commission in London to hand over a letter of concern to the Maltese Government. Accompanying the group was Ivan Grech Mintoff, leader of an an opposition party in Malta - Allianza Bidla.

Sharing with Protestors at Belfast Screening on Once Gay

Christians share the Love of Christ with LGBT Protesters at Once Gay Premiere Screening in Belfast - Townsend St. Presbyterian Church on Thursday 14th February, 2019

Once Gay Premiere Belfast

Matthew Grech story now available https://youtu.be/2a87DIe5alg

Boy Erased and Erasing Ex-Gay

The IFTCC (a project supported by CIT) works to support men and women coming out of unwanted homosexual and gender confusions, and those who support them. Professor Carolyn Pela and Dr Quentin Van Meter add their perspectives to the need for professional help to support this population group.

Matthew Grech - Praise Is The Highway (Bethel Music Cover)

Matthew Grech and friends Louise Varming, Stevey Ellul Bonici and Leigh Holmes will perform live in London 11th and Belfast 14th February

Premiere Screenings "Once Gay - Matthew and Friends"

Core Issues Trust proudly announces the Premiere screening of "Once Gay" the story of Matthew Grech in London Monday 11th and Belfast 14th February. Tickets now available on Eventbrite

Unanswered Questions: Faith, Science and Sexuality

As the UK lurches towards banning therapeutic and counselling choice a number of questions need to be asked of those who have led the country into making decisions that ignore scientific fact - quite apart from the rights of individuals to choose their own identity. Mike Davidson points to how the Royal College of Psychiatrists has misled both church and state in the UK.

Dr Laura Haynes

Psychologist Dr laura Haynes considers the right of therapy for those with unwanted same-sex attrations.

IFTCC Launch London Monday 15th October 2018

The International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC) launched on Monay 15th October, 2018

Free to Love Movie

A presentation about "Reintegrative Therapy" from the USA

Voices of the Silenced Promo

Voices of the Silenced" reveals how new totalitarianisms are filling the moral and spiritual void created by liberalism. The sexual revolution is driving society towards destructive political ends. What can we do?