"We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice,
we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison (1943-1945)


Episode 3 | IFTCC | AUSTRALIA | Conversion Therapy Ban

Principal Lawyer, John Steenhoff from the Human Rights Law Alliance of Australia shares with James Parker, former Gay Activist from Perth, Australia. Join Mike Davidson and Laura Haynes to consider what is happening in other world areas.

A Response to Politicians and Activists on Banning Counselling Choice

In a Special LIVE programme, X-Out-Loud participants respond to politicians and activists determined to ban therapeutic counselling choice for those moving away from LGBT identities.

Mike Davidson on Ireland: Am | Virgin TV | 6 May 2021

Why are mixed-attracted persons denied help to live as they choose? Mike Davidson shares about his conflict in his marriage and the supporting counselling and therapy he received from those who supported his gaols to leave unwanted same-sex attractions.

Voices of the Silenced (2018)

Remembering the contribution of ancient Jewish values to Western civilization, Voices of the Silenced highlights the goals of sexual politics and the silencing of views opposing the return to the pansexual cultures of the pre-Christian Graeco-Roman world. It listens to the voices of 34 individuals, extraordinary in their ordinariness, including witnesses to the experience of leaving homosexual practices and feelings. It explores how sciences become the servants of ideology using examples from history, mental health policy and archaeology.

"The UK Heroes" - Leaving LGBT, Challenging Censorship & Discrimination | X-Out-Loud

"The UK Heroes" is a unique collection of seven life stories of men and women leaving LGBT in the UK: Simon, Kiran, Sam, Libby, Christian, Tia, Rob. Their life experience and worldview challenges the status quo and the mainstream narrative on human sexuality and development. These individuals have their own personal goals and dreams in life. Leaving LGBT meant that they can be one step closer to realising their vision for life.

Spotlight on Collusion: the BBC and the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Advocacy versus Enquiry Journalism: why does the legacy media ignore the existence of the formerly gay and the de-transitioners? This clip examines the duplicity of the Royal College of Psychiatrists submissions to the Church of England (2007) and to the Pilling Commission (2014)

What is Conversion Therapy?

Described as anything between pseudo-psychological theories and corrective rape so called 'Conversion Therapy' is simply a term used to designate any view that is based on -Judeo-Christian ethics and values, opposing LGBT ideology. As the culture wars expose the real battle at stake, its time to stand together and speak the truth in love.

Welcome to the IFTCC

Welcome to the IFTCC

Mike Davidson Speaks to the BBC 1 (NI) Spotlight Programme

This is the best example of advocacy journalism I have seen on the BBC of late. Nevertheless I am thankful for the privilege of engaging with them.

UK to Ban Adults From Choosing Their Sexuality

About half of US states prohibit therapists from treating minors in order to reduce same-sex attractions. California tried but failed to extend the ban to adults. The UK is now set to do just that. Mike Davidson is CEO of Core Issues Trust in the UK. He is fighting to oppose that ban. He says the LGBT community is like a cult in which no one is permitted to leave.

Core Issues Trust responds to BBC News Report on 'conversion therapy'

Concerns have been raised about the mis-representation of Core Issues Trust following comments made on a BBC programme Monday 10 August 2020.

Michael Davidson (Former Homosexual) UK | X-Out-Loud

Born in Zimbabwe || Privileged upbringing || Early faith || Loss of my brother || Emotional detachment from my dad || Attachment Hunger || Emotional Dependency || Same Sex Attraction || Marriage to my wife || Conflict || Seeking Counselling || Enduring with joyful strength || Work of the ministry

Paul Brand ITV News talks to Mike Davidson

ITVs Political correspondent and gay activist Paul Brand shares one man s journey towards gay affirmation with Mike Davidson. Mike explains that people must have choices - and that denying people professional support is unjust.

Paul Brand ITV News interviews Mike Davidson CIT on therapeutic choice

ITVs Political correspondent and gay activist Paul Brand shares one man's journey towards gay affirmation with Mike Davidson. Mike explains that ITV s (UK) Political correspondent and gay activist Paul Brand shares one man's journey towards gay affirmation with Mike Davidson.

The CIT team present a Statement from Core Issues Trust : "Responding to Harassment"

Following a period of significant harassment on social media between June 28 - July 3, the Core Issues Trust team come together to discuss what has been happening. They do so in the hope that genuine dialogue will develop between interested LGBT members and the ex-gay - and trans - community, we offer this discussion. Essentially the discussion is about viewpoint- discrimination largely facilitated by the traditional media that refuses to ensure fairness in reporting and coverage.

Calgary Ban on Therapeutic Choice LIVE WITH MIKE Special Broadcast Dr Ann Gilles

Trauma Specialist Dr Ann Gilles has been working to support the choices of those wanting to leave unwanted same-sex and gender confusions for many years. She shares Calgary's Bylaw which criminalises therapeutic choice under the catch-all term, Conversion Therapy. How this will impact Bible-believing churches is evident in her conversation with Core Issues Trust Mike Davidson.

Growing Assertiveness - LIVE WITH MIKE Episode 5

Living as an assertive adult is an achievement that comes through experieince, practise and trial and error. For those struggling with sexcual identity and unwanted behaviours, its vital to escpe from passive mind-states in which we loose a sense of self. Mike Davidson explains how important the life-goal of adult assertivness is.

Liberalism and LGBTQ+ Movement

Lisa Nolland and Mike Davidson contribute to a study on the rise of Liberalism and the values of individualism towards the growth of LGBTQ exclusivist viewpoints. Viewpoint Discrimination is clearly an issue in the UK today.

Addictions And Patterning | LIVE WITH MIKE Episode #3

Mike Davidson discusses the role addictions play in masking emotions craving attention. In conversation with the CIT team a difficult Bible passage is reflected on and an important exchange with a recovering addict highlights 12-step approaches, as distinguished from psychodynamic approaches common to practitioners with an understanding of attachment theory.

Episode 2: Attachment Hunger - LIVE WITH MIKE

Mike Davidson considers the role of Attachment Hunger in toxic relationships leading to addiction to a person. How do we get free? re there things we can do to help ourselves so that it doesn t keep happening? How does this help us to develop strategies for managing or changing unwanted same-sex-attractions, feelings and behaviours?

My Father was Homosexual: Ashley Whitehouse

The story of a daughter who felt rejected by her father who struggled with same-sex attractions. She is now adopted and found in Jesus!

LIVE WITH MIKE: Episode 1 22 April 2020

Mike Davidson discusses counselling plans, and introduces this 10-part series beginning April 24 and June 24 - Wednesdays, weekly.

Aleksandra Leśnik - Former Lesbian, Poland

Aleksandra tells the world how an encounter with the love of Jesus set her free from the effects of pornography, rejection and lesbianism.

The Life of Sammy Bonner - UK Transgender

Sammy Bonner is an emerging XLGBT voice in the United Kingdom. She left the transgender lifestyle, having experienced a collision of love from Jesus Christ.

Our children are being taught what?

Anglican Mainstreams Marriage, Sex and Culture group held an important eventon Saturday 22nd February. The IFTCC Communication s team was there. Matthew Grech reports...

Detransitioner Isobel Adams reflects on her journey

Not only did Isobel Adams experieince feelings for the same-sex but she also expeienced a deep confusion relating to her gender of birth. She received help as she found Chrst and the support of a professional counsellor. In this clip Isobel reveals some of the journey she has experienced.

5th Annual IFTCC Conference 2019

The IFTCC works to support the rights and freedoms of men and women to access professional clinical and pastoral help to leave unwanted same-sex and gender confusions.

Why cant't Ex-gay persons get help for their unwanted feelings?

The rights and freedoms of people to move towards opposite-sex attractions are being denied while the right to affirm same-sex attractions are becoming manditory.

SAME SEX ATTRACTION & CHOOSING JESUS - PART 3 - Cynthia Garrett - Mini Sessions Episode 52

Cynthia is rejoined by Dr. Mike Davidson of Core Issue Trust for a third episode to further unpack the issue of sexuality and how it gets distorted from all angles in our world today. Part 3 of 3.

Part 2 - SAME SEX ATTRACTION & CHOOSING JESUS Cynthia Garrett - Mini Sessions Episode 51

In Part 2, Dr. Mike Davidson rejoins Cynthia to share about his organization Core Issues Trust - how it started, who uses their services and how they help them. Mike also shares about their powerful film Voices of the Silenced - click for more information: https://www.voicesofthesilenced.com/ Part 2 of 3.

Same Sex Attractions and Choosing Jesus (part 1)

TBN's Cynthia Garrett speaks to Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust joins Cynthia and shares his story of being attracted to people of the same sex and his journey of choosing to live his life as a married, straight man. Part 1 of 3.

Changed by Love Grace without borders

Core Issues Trust recently supported two churches in Surrey who were concerned to share the love of Christ during "Pride in Surrey", an LGBT event held in Woking. This is a video report of the event.

Censored for leaving homosexual lifestyle XFactor contestant speaks out

Do you think people are born gay, or that people cannot leave the homosexual lifestyle? Former X-Factor Malta contestant, Matthew Grech, gives his inspiring testimony and tells how he has been censored for his choice to give up that lifestyle.

Baptist TV: Poland - Matthew Grech

Matthew Grech shares with Baptist TV in Poland

Isolation is the number one enemy of people seeking to leave homosexual lifestyle

This interview provides practical advice for those who may be experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction. Dr. Mike Davidson leads the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC), an organization promoting the freedom to leave behind the homosexual lifestyle.

Global Rainbow Crossers Alliance Celebration at the EXPO in Taipei

On Sunday 27th of October the GRCA celebrated with more than 1000 supporters following the Summit that brought 23 nations together in beautiful Taipei, Taiwan for a meeting concentrating on the human rights of once-gay people.

"Gay Yesterday" - Core Issues Trust: Poland Report, 2019

We visited Poland recently and participated in theree events celebrating with Polish Christians the freedom we have to choose our own identities, follow Jesus and encourage others to seek freedom from the gay lifestyle.

The Clash of Civilisations (part 1) Is it possible to leave homosexuality?

Presenter Tomasz Terlikowski (TV Republica, Poland) speaks with Matthew Grech (part 1) and hDr Mike Davidson (2) with Lukasz Kula Translator, about how people move away from homosexual practices towards viable relationships with the opposite sex in some cases.

The Clash of Civilisations (part 2) Is it possible to leave homosexuality?

In part two Tomasz Terlikowski (TV Republica, Poland) focuses on the therapeutic issues around supporting those with unwanted same-sex attractions. Matthew Grech continues his story and shares more of his experieince, with Translator Lukasz Kula.

Aleksandra Lesnik left the lesbian lifestyle which friends and family supported her in

Church of Glory Warsaw and CIT supporter Aleksandra Lesnik address the OSCEs working session 13, on discrimination against Christians and others on Tuesday 24th September 2019.

Church of Glory 24th September 2019 event

Church of Glory in Warsaw included Matthew Grech (1.21.12) and Dr Mike Davidson (2.09.35) in their worship evening on Saturday 21st of September, 2019.

Lindsay's broken heart restored...

Lindsay Greaves found Christ after a lonely childhood and confusiuon around her sexuality. Marrying John was part of the healing also, and together they have five grown children. Her journey continues with Jesus leading her life.

Celebrating X-LGBT!

We can be so thankful for those who share their stories faithfully, and with real conviction and passion. Thank you for your contributions and faithfulness. The time will come when your identities will be recognised as we fight for the freedom to to identify as X-LGBT

Sexual Politics and Truth - what ever happened to the facts?g

Sexual politics have been used powerfully in the last few months - despite the clear position of science on the nature of gender and sexual fluiditiy. How have these facts been ignored?

Ansel - a life renewed and a new identity discovered

Ansel lost his sense of self, experieinced confusion around his sexuality and was restored when he found Christ.

Richard Oostrum - the gay olympics exchanged for a Christian life

Richard Oostrum found Christ and freedom from homosexual practices. He shares his journey in finding faith and a new way of living his life.

Christopher Doyle exposes the dishonesty around the sexuality debate

Christopher Doyle tells a story of deception in the determination of activists to impose values around sexuality

Dermot O'Callaghan: Contradictions in the RCPsych over sexual "orientation"

The Royal College of Psychiatrists appears to have contradicted itself on five importand points in its statements to the Church of England and the Government, in respect to sexual "orientation".

Dr Christopher Rosik - the importance criticality in research

Discriminating against minority view-points is dangerous to scientific objectivity. Checks and balances depend of diverse perspectives in research culture. Eliminating some scientific perspectives is short sighted and leads to viewpoint discrimination

Dr Peter May: the role of professional bodies in denying scientific fact

Dr Peter May (retired GP) considers the role of the professional mental health bodies in the ideological warfare we witness as sexual politics plays an increasing part in western societies.

Michael's inner conflicts and addiction struggles

Michael has struggled with addicions from an early age. He shares his struggles and increasing freedom as he reaches out beyond his own efforts to find peace and contentment. Sexuality has also been an issue for him...

Lindsay's broken heart restored...

Lindsay Grevaes found Christ after a lonely childhood and confusiuon around her sexuality. Marrying John was part of the healing also, and together they have five grown children. Her journey continues with Jesus leading her life.

John's sexual identity confusion, and Christ's work within...

John Greaves grew up in a home where he identified more with his mother than with his father. Experieinced confusion in his sexuality. His faith in Christ led him also to trust that marriage would be important in his healing journey...

Pastor Simon Wyatt - Bethen Christian Assembly, Shalford.

Pastor Simon reflects on his pastoral heart for the LGBT+ community following the "Changed by Love" event.

Germany wants to ban therapeutic choice and client auronomy...

The German Government has determined to ban therapeutic choice and client autonomy, imposing the agendas of those who reject the idea that individuals should choose their own identities.

Kylie Delia Discusses Equality with Matthew Grech at the US Embassy in London

Ex-lesbian Kylie Delia has a conversation with Matthew Grech (Ex-LGBT, Malta) outside the US Embassy in London, on 7th June 2019. Friends of the IFTCC had gathered to deliver a letter to the US Ambassador to register concerns about the US Congress Equality Act (US) 2019

Introducing the Documentary about Joseph Nicolosi - a True Friend

We will shortly be making the documentary film Joseph Nicolosi - a True Friend availanle for free. Here is something about that project.

IFTCC Visits USA Embassy London

The USA Equality Act 2019 threatens the rights and freedoms of ex-gay people globally. Friends of the IFTCC visited the US Embassy in London to deliver a letter of concern last weerk.

I wont Go Back performed by Rpyal Seed Music

Matthew Grech and friends (Royal Seed Music), with Angel Colon (Fearless Identitycelibrate the grace they experieince because of the new freedom they experieince.

Angel and Luis share how tragedy was used to help shape their lives in Christ

God intervenes in the lives of two Pulse nightclub victims.

Give me a Chance - Final Edit

Royal Seed Music (Matthew Grech) with Faith Child, Mike Aremu and Purist Evans Ogboi perform in Westminster, remembering the 9M unborn killed since 1967 in the UK, the ex-gays denied the right to self-identification and those Christians dying in Northern Nigeria at the hands of Islamic extremists

Matthew Grech - Lead Performer for Give Me a Chance

Matthew Grech is the lead performer for Give Me a Chance, together with his team. They are supported by renowned artists from Nigeria

Matthew Grech and Team Welcome

Matthew Grech (Roycal Seed Music) will lead the Concert on Thursday May 2nd 2019

Purist Ogboi to present at Give Me a Chance Concert

Purist Ogboi will perform at the Give me a Chance Concert on Thursday May 2nd 2019

Matthew Grech - Give Me A Chance (Pro-Life Anthem) ft. Stevey EB & Louise Varming

Why abort a miracle? Matthew Grech - Give Me A Chance (Pro-Life Anthem) ft. Stevey EB & Louise Varming Available everywhere now: Spotify | https://spoti.fi/2Xmzpzs Apple Music | https://apple.co/2XiOUbt Amazon | https://amzn.to/2UkC76w Connect with Matthew Grech: Facebook | https://bit.ly/2GsYIKt Instagram | https://bit.ly/2UH3Ao6 Twitter | https://bit.ly/2GtBiEJ Percussion and Duduk by James Jesser

Mike Aremu - Give Me a Chance Concer

Renowned saxophanist Mike Aremu will present at the Give Me a Chance COncert, Thursday May 2nd 2019

BBC News Norther Ireland ONCE Gay Premiere, Belfast 14th February 2019

Robbie Meredith reports on the Once Gay - Matthew and Friends Premiere at Townsend Street Presbyterian Church on 14th 02 2019

Give Me a Chance - Live Concert: Remembering the Nigerian Genocide

Core Issues Trust presents Matthew Grech and friends (Royal Seed Music), supported by renowned Nigerian Artists Mike Aremu, Purist Ogboi and Faith-Child at the Live GIVE ME A CHANCE Concert, Thursday May 2nd 2019 at 6.00 pm at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster. Book on EVENTBRITE

Dr Christopher Rosik - Debunking the Myths Conference

Dr CHristopher Rosik - Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity

Professor Robert Gagnon Part 2 - Debunking the Myths

Professor Gagnon teaches on the Bible and homosexuality

Give Me a Chance Concert - May 2nd 2019

Three streams coming together concerned for the 9M unvoiced children who never got to play in the sunshine, the ex-gays denied the right to professional and pastoral help to be who they are, and importantly to raise an appeal - a love gift - for the genocide taking place in northern Nigeria among Christian believers. Please help us! Sign up on Eventbrite - be there! Help us love on them in this small way!

Give Me a Chance!

Mike Aremu, Purist Ogboi, Faith-Child, Matthew Grech, Louise Varming, Stevey Ellul Bonici together with Angel Colon and Luis Javier Ruiz are calling you to support the call to end the violence of silencing. Join with them and support the Christian victims of terrorism in Northern Nigeria on Thursday 2nd May, at 6 pm book on Eventbrite.

Heal Our Land

Purist Ogboi is one of UK's creative Gospel Recording Artistes. The "Give Me a Chance!" Concert on Thursday 2nd May will include an offering for the survivors and victims of the genocide in Northern Nigeria against Christian believers. Book on Evenbrite.

A Promotional Clip of the 2nd IFTCC Conference – Budapest 2017

The @018 Conference in Budapest successfully brought together individuals and groups from across 22 nations.

Promotional Clip of the 3rd IFTCC Conference - Slovakia 2017

The IFTCC Conference in 2017 in Slovakia was a great opportunity to network and learn, when once again like-minded practioners and professions came from more than 20 countries to share and learn.

Andrea Williams : Transgender in the UK - A Personal Story

Nigel and Sally Rowe speak to Andrea Williams about their experieince inc hallenging trnasgender ideology in their local primary school.

Prof. Carolyn Pela: Narrative Therapy and SSA Women

Professor Carolyn Pela introduced "Narrative Therapy" to the 2018 IFTCC conference.

Dr Keith Vennum: Greetings from the Alliance (USA)

Current 2018/9 Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Inegrity President, Keith Vennum addreess the IFTCC conference in 2018

Dr Q Van Meter: The Terrible Fraud of Transgender Medicine

Pediatric Endochronologist Quentin Van Meter addresses the 2018 IFTCC conference.

Welcome: 4th IFTCC conference - Dr Mike Davidson

Dr Mike Davidson IFTCC Chairman Welcomes attendess at the 4th IFTCC conference in 2018

Give Me a Chance - Live Concert

Live, May 2nd in London. A collaborative effort of three streams refusing to be silenced - speaking out, through live music.

Tim Long: Re-integrative Therapy

Tim Long explains a new protocol which is helpfully applied to addictions.

Shlomo Zalman Jessel. Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) and Identity

Shlomo Zalman Jessel discusses Narrative Therapy in the context of same-sex attractions

Dr (Med) Christl Vonholdt: Transgender Case Studies

At the 2018 IFTCC annual COnference, DR Christl Vonholdt shared two case studies of transgendered persons who found help.

ITV News mentioning IFTCC Launch

In this ITV report the IFTCC Opening was mentioned in the context of "Conversion Therapy"

Conference Greetings from the IFTCC

IFTCC chairman Mike Davidson encourages ongoing work in the Asian countries on the eve of training for those supporting people coming out of homosexual practices.

Dr Mike Davidson Explains Why the IFTCC Exists

The IFTCC Exists to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals seeking and providing support for those wanting to resolves homosexual and gender confusions in their lives

Premiere Belfast

Townsend Street Prebyterian Church hosted the "Once Gay" movie on Thursday February 14th 2019

Once Gay Premiere (London) 11 Feb 2019

The Premiere Screening of Once Gay in London was preceeded by a live worship session, led by Matthew Grech and friends

Former transgender man Joseph Gatt shares his story

Joseph Gatt (Ex-LGBT Malta) was living as a transgendered man but found repentance and faith in Jesus. His life changed. He reflects on his journey and shares his heart

John Mark Attard Ex-LGBT Malta

John Mark Attard has found peace with the Lord Jesus Christ. He has found repentance and faith that has lead him to a new life in Christ.

Marcel: I was deeply humiliated as a child

Marcel (29): He was asking himself lots of questions about his homosexual feelings. He says: “I was often very lonely and had no contact with others. As a young boy, I was physically shamed. Later, I imagined that if I had the body of another boy, I could forget my shame. For a long time I could not talk to anyone about this, I felt very bad. Today this is different.”

Markus Hoffmann: Sexual problems as structural relationship

Markus Hoffmann: Sexual problems as structural relationship problems#men’s journey Markus Hoffmann, therapist and consultant, about his work with people struggling with their sexuality and homosexual feelings.Markus Hoffmann is the director of the Institut für dialogische und identitätsstiftende Seelsorge und Beratung (formerly wuestenstrom) in Tamm/Germany.

Pascal: Affirmation from fatherly men

Pascal (23) felt first attracted to women. Later he became attracted to men too, which he considered to be inconsistent and unsatisfactory. He felt isolated and not belonging to other men. He says: “But then I got a lot of affirmation from fatherly men. I knew then that I belonged. I had inner peace, I felt connected and secure. I know: I can trust here.”

Stefan Schmidt: Learning to trust in life

Stefan Schmidt, qualified Social Worker, about his counselling work in the areas of identity, being a man, sexuality: dealing with feelings, expanding social skills, growing in self-confidence, living a self-determined life.Stefan Schmidt is a graduate social worker, consultant and ESSB supervisor at the Institut für dialogische und identitätsstiftende Seelsorge und Beratung (formerly wuestenstrom) in Tamm/Germany.People, especially men, with unwanted homosexual feelings

Timo: Ive become more self-confident

For a long time Timo had repressed his homosexual feelings and did not know who he was. Now he is on his way to better understand himself and his identity. He says: “I am learning more and more to feel myself, to perceive myself, I’ve worked on my feelings of self-worth. I’m dealing with my past, and learn to accept myself with all my strengths and weaknesses."

David: Its very difficult to find genuine help

David (44) wrestles with homosexual feelings. As an 11-year-old, he was sexually abused. During his process of change he is able to overcome his depression and suicidal thoughts. He says For me, help means being able to show myself as I am, without someone already giving a direction. But its rare to find help, to find somebody who really listens and takes one’s problems seriously.

Dr (med) Christl Vonholdt - IFTCC Vice President

Dr. med. Christl R. Vonholdt is a pediatrician (retired) and has focused on the topics of identity development in childhood and adolescence, identity and sexuality, homosexuality, gender theories.

Indepth: Matthew Crech speaks to LGBT Activist Gabby Calleja

X-Factor Malta contestant Matthew Grech speaks with Gabby Calleja about why ex-gay is an identity to be respected and protected. After sharing his testimony of change, Matthew was accused of promoting so called "Conversion Therapy".

Matthew Grech meets Tyrone Grima on TVAM [EN Subtitles]

Matthew Grech Interacts with Theologian Tyrone Grima clearly distinguishing between the "body" and the "flesh" all important in understanding Biblical concepts about sin


Chinese Subtitles

Anchor of Hope, Jerusalem

Baruch Lieberman from Anchor of Hope in Jerusalem speaks to Mike Davidson about the ministy to those experieincing addiction

Defending Freedom of Choice Around Sexual Identity

Stephen Nolan speaks to Jayne Ozanne and Dr Mike Davidson about sexual attraction fluidity exploration in the therapy - which Jayne opposes.

Once Gay Premiere (London) 11 Feb 2019

The Premiere Screening of the feature documentary film Once Gay - Matthew and friends took place on Monday 11th February 2019 in Central London. The event began with a concert advertising the full Gospel Concert to be held in London on May 2nd 2019.

IFTCC Protest at Malta House: Matthew Grech reflects on his story

On Monday 11th February a group of those supporting Matthew Grech gathered at the Maltese High Commission in London to hand over a letter of concern to the Maltese Government. Accompanying the group was Ivan Grech Mintoff, leader of an an opposition party in Malta - Allianza Bidla.

Sharing with Protestors at Belfast Screening on Once Gay

Christians share the Love of Christ with LGBT Protesters at Once Gay Premiere Screening in Belfast - Townsend St. Presbyterian Church on Thursday 14th February, 2019

Once Gay Premiere Belfast

Matthew Grech story now available https://youtu.be/2a87DIe5alg

Boy Erased and Erasing Ex-Gay

The IFTCC (a project supported by CIT) works to support men and women coming out of unwanted homosexual and gender confusions, and those who support them. Professor Carolyn Pela and Dr Quentin Van Meter add their perspectives to the need for professional help to support this population group.

Matthew Grech - Praise Is The Highway (Bethel Music Cover)

Matthew Grech and friends Louise Varming, Stevey Ellul Bonici and Leigh Holmes will perform live in London 11th and Belfast 14th February

Premiere Screenings "Once Gay - Matthew and Friends"

Core Issues Trust proudly announces the Premiere screening of "Once Gay" the story of Matthew Grech in London Monday 11th and Belfast 14th February. Tickets now available on Eventbrite

Unanswered Questions: Faith, Science and Sexuality

As the UK lurches towards banning therapeutic and counselling choice a number of questions need to be asked of those who have led the country into making decisions that ignore scientific fact - quite apart from the rights of individuals to choose their own identity. Mike Davidson points to how the Royal College of Psychiatrists has misled both church and state in the UK.

Opening Speech: IFTCC Launch

Dr Mike Davidson IFTCC (Chairman) opens with reference to all Gods Children = a Church of England Campaign to promote Stonewall and LGBT rights among children

Dr Carys Moseley

Therapy and homosexuality in the UK

Dr Laura Haynes

Psychologist Dr laura Haynes considers the right of therapy for those with unwanted same-sex attrations.

Dr Christl Vonholdt

Transgender: The Life Story of a Woman

Dr Quentin Van Meter

The Rise of Transgender Medicine

Andrea Williams

Christian Concern at the IFTCC

X Factor Contestant Criticised by Gay Lobby and Malta Government

Matthew Grech has been criticsed for sharing his story about choosing not to practise homosexually, following his conversion to Christ.

IFTCC Launch London Monday 15th October 2018

The International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC) launched on Monay 15th October, 2018

New Group (IFTCC) launched to defent counselling and therapy rights

The International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice will be launched in Central London on Monday 15 October. Chairman Mike Davidson introduces the IFTCC

Free to Love Movie

A presentation about "Reintegrative Therapy" from the USA

ITV News Gay Cure Therapy and the Ban the UK Government Plans

Activists promote the idea of what they call gay conversion therapy claiming - contrary to the APAs statement that there is no evidence one way or the other on the efficacy of therapeutic interventions - that it is harmful. Only anecdotal evidence of the disaffected may be listened to.

ITV News Reports Planned Ban of

ITV News reports on the what it calls "conversion" therapy and those churches that it claims "cure" homosexuals. Anyone know any church in the UK that uses such terminology - or is "conversion therapy" simply being used for anything that refuses to accept the normalisation of homosexuality in church and society?

ITV News

The dangers of viewpoint discrimination. Having only one ideological perspective focussed on the issues of unwanted same-sex attractions can lead to only one outcome

BBC 1 News 3 July 2018

The government refuses to define "conversion therapy" instead ensuring that anything that opposes the normalisation of homosexuality is included in their list. But what of those therapeutic approaches that have been helpful to many individuals?

BBC News Ban on so-called Conversion Therapy

View-point discrimination and the therapy ban. Are we in danger of making public policy based on anecdotal evidence and convenience samples?

BBC 1 Victoria Derbyshore Show: Proposed Government Therapy Ban

Victoria Derbyshire speaks to Vicky Beeching, Crispin Blunt, Jayne Ozanne, Dr Louise Theodosiou and Mike Davidson.

Voicesofthethesilenced.TV Promotion

The coming age of "Mandatory Homosexuality" and the "stay gay" culture. Why a ban of professional and pastoral support for unwanted same-sex attraction is contrary to the scientific evidence concerning the nature of human sexuality.

10 resons not to ban

Carys Moseley and Mike Davidson share why European countries should not ban therapies for unwanted same-sex attractions.

GAFCON 2018 Report Jerusalem

Core Issues Trust shared the joy of GAFCON 2018 in Jerusalem last week. This is our report.

Must Stay Gay Live VOS.TV

Dr Carys Moseley (Consultant to Christian Concern) Dr Stephen Baskerville (Professor of Government, Patrick Henry College) and Roger Kiska (Consultant to the Christian Legal Centre) discuss the proposed banning of psychotherapeutic support for unwanted same-sex attractions, with Mike Davidson.

Mike Davidson - about effective therapy for homosexuals

Mike Davidson - about effective therapy for homosexuals (Russian translation)

Speaking frankly about supporting ex-gays

The late Dr Joseph Nicolosi speaks about the process of coming out of gay in this introductory interview

A True Friend: Joseph Nicolosi - overview

An overview of the 2017 release of the Voices of the Silenced commemorative DVD : "A True Friend: Joseph Nicolosi"

TV3 Irish republic: The Pat Kenny Show - Ban on Therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions

Pat Kenny, Snr. Clinical Psychologist Dr Paul D Alton, Senator Fintan Warfield and Dr Mike Davidson discuss the proposed ban on Conversion Therapy in the Irish Republic.

TV3 Irish Republic Ban on Conversion Therapy 28 March 2018

Pat Kenny, Snr. Clinical Psychologist Dr Paul D Alton, Senator Fintan Warfield and Mike Davidson discuss the proposed ban on Conversion Therapy in the Irish Republic.

The Queens University Belfast Refuses Voices of the Silenced Screening

Highlights presentation of Ballynahinch Baptist Church Screening, Banner Protest at Queens University and Queens Film Theatre, Tuesday 13th March, 2018

Voices of the Silenced - the Tour

A journey through Voices of the Silenced, the movie, meeting the people, the places and the thinking behind the project.

Commemoration of the 8Million children lost to abortion in the UK...

Written by Melissa Hubert, the song, commemmorating the loss of 8 million Children through abortion in the UK, follows the story of a young tourist in London who falls in love in with a palace guard, and the fatal consequences of that love.

Voices of the Silenced Promo

Voices of the Silenced" reveals how new totalitarianisms are filling the moral and spiritual void created by liberalism. The sexual revolution is driving society towards destructive political ends. What can we do?

Just to be clear: SBS Dateline Documentary

Australia's SBS DateLine examines same-sex marriage in both the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland as Australia votes on the prospect of gay marriage for that country.

Good Morning Britain 5th September, 2017

Mike Davidson Speaks to Josh Parry, Suzanna Reid and Piers Morgan September 5th, 2017

BBC South East Today 21 August 2017

BBC South East Today, Evening News 21 August, 2017 - Mike Davidson Comments on Government's Gender Recognition Policy. Here is the outworking of Stonewall's influence on Equalities Secretary, Justine Greening.

The Church House Interview :

Dermot O'Callaghan and Dr Peter May Discuss the "Conversion Therapy" issue

People Who Don't Want To be Gay aren't allowed to get help

Mike Davidson speaks to Sunday Morning Live about the transgender issue and how the Church of England is responding

Personal Accounts of Counselling Interventions for Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

11 short accounts of CIT clients exploring their unwanted same-sex attractions

Should the Church of England ban

We're not smiling about this! Will the evangelical wing of the Church of England learn from Tim Farron's experieince? LGTBI demands will not end with banning 'Conversion Therapy'

De-queering BBC 3's

There is a common theme that those who oppose the kind of work I do don't seem willing to recognise. This is the view that self-realisation towards the 'LGBTQ+' (or 'Queer') identity should be encouraged, but the 'de-queering' drive is at all costs to be discouraged. BBC Three's raison d'etre no doubt is targeting all faith-based communities in Britain today in recognition that they are divided along the same fault-lines on the homosexual (and 'queer') issue between those who are 'inclusive' and those who are not. This series is presumably based on their hope that 'inclusivity' is going to eventually win the day.

Stonewalls influence on UK Government Policy

The Transgender Agenda: Stonewalls Influence on UK Government Policy. Signup to www.voicesofthesilenced.tv for more videos about gender mainstreaming and a response to this ideological point of view.


New CIT Production (coming soon) www.voicesofthesilenced.com

Voices of the Silenced: Experts, evidences and ideology.

A new production by Core Issues Trust, soon to be released!

Sexuality and Gender — introduction to the New Atlantis report

This report presents a careful summary and an up-to-date explanation of research — from the biological, psychological, and social sciences — related to sexual orientation and gender identity. It is offered in the hope that such an exposition can contribute to our capacity as physicians, scientists, and citizens to address health issues faced by LGBT populations within our society.

The Appalling Choice: accept your homosexuality or euthanise. BBC 2 Victoria Darbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire Show investigates request for euthanasia from Belgian man unhappy with his some-sex feelings.

Andrew Comiskey: The relationship between faith and professional counselling

What is the relationship between faith and professional counselling when supporting those with unwanted same-sex attractions?

Andrea Williams Raising Awareness and Resisting Indoctrination

Raising awareness; resisting indoctrination; supporting campaigns to secure freedoms and rights for children, counselees, therapists and pastors

Dr Mike Davidson on Memorandum of Understanding - Transformation Potential

How do we position our work in the context of the UK’s ‘Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy’?

Dermot O'Callaghan on Memorandum of Understanding

How do we position our work in the context of the UK’s ‘Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy’?

Dr Peter May on Memorandum of Understanding - Transformation Potential

How do we position our work in the context of the UK ’s ‘Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy’?

Transformational Potential Conference Highlights

An interactive conference event exploring unwanted same-sex attractions. Tuesday 14th April 2015. Emmanuel Centre, Westminster 10.00 - 18.00. Reframing the debate and responding Biblically, Pastorally, Culturally and Scientifically

The Great Mystery of Marriage

Part 4: "Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel" January 14-16th 2016.

Marriage of the Lamb

Part 3: "Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel", January 14-16th, 2016.

Part 2: Creation and Redemption

Part 2 of "Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel. London, 14-16th January, 2016.

A Bold, Biblical Respone to the Sexual Revolution

Part 1: "A Bold, Biblical Response to the Sexual revolution." Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel Conference, London 14 - 16th January 2016. (Christopher West)

Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel Conference Highlights

Core Issues Trust, Anglican Mainstream, The Office for Marriage and Family Life of the Diocese of Westminster together with Christian Concern hosted the "Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel" Conference in Central London 14-16th January, 2016.

Christopher West Looks Forward to London 14-16th January Event

Christopher West invites you to come to the Emmanuel Centre, London.

Opinons on banned 'bus ad'

Peter Wooding ask Londoners about bus case.

Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel Promotional Video

Christopher West explains Theology of the Body at Westminster event 14-16 January 2016

David Skelton (Policy exchange) Gay Marriage and the Political Agenda

David Skelton (Policy exchange) Gay Marriage and the Political Agenda

'Gay Conversion' therapy: Sky News March 2014

The 'Conversion Therapy' debate

A Williams, R Gagnon, L Nolland: 'Raising Awareness and Resisting Indoctrination

Raising awareness; resisting indoctrination; supporting campaigns to secure freedoms and rights for children, counselees, therapists and pastors. Transformation Potential Conference, London 2015

Andrea Williams on importance of London Bus Case

Christian Legal Centre CEO Andrea Williams talks about the London Bus Case

OSCE 2014 - Erosion of Fundamental Freedoms in Britain

September 2014 Human DImensions Implementation Meeting in Warsaw

Solicitor Libby Powell Christian Legal Centre

Libby Powell discusses outcome of London Bus Case (remitted) case hearing

Former Intellegence Analyst on Political Correctness

A former Intelligence Analysis considers 'Political Correctness' as a manipulative too; for centralising power

'Is Change Possible and What do we mean by 'Change'?

R Gagnon, A Comiskey, M Davie and A Symes consider this from various positions

Dr Peter May 'Strange Bed-fellows...'

Strange bed-fellows: The Professional Mental Health Bodies and Campaigners, Stonewall and Pink Therapy”

'Scientific Integrity and Harm' Dr Christopher Rossik, 2014

Clinical Psychologist Dr Christopher Rossik looks at "Scientific Integrity and the Issue of Harm: The Triumph of Advocacy over Science”

Dr Mike Davidson Introduction to 'Debunking the Myths' Conference 2014

Opening remarks on Debunking the Myths Conference, 2014, London and Belfast

Part 1 "The Myth of the Sexually Tolerant Jesus" Robert Gagnon 2014

“The Myth of the Sexually Tolerant Jesus” Introduced by: Professor John Nolland, Trinity College, Bristol

Past 2: "Paul and Homosexuality" - Robert Gagnon 2014

Part 2: Paul, Homosexuality, and the So-called ‘New Knowledge’ Arguments (Exploitation, Orientation, Misogyny)”Chairman: Professor John Nolland

CIT High Court Application for Judicial Review

High Court Application for Judicial Review

Row over Christian Bus Advert Ban, 2012

The Row over the Banning of a Christian Response to a Gay Advert on London Buses

Christian Advert Banned, but Gay Advert Runs!

Why was the Christian Advert Banned?

Sexual Identity and the Right of Choice: 'The Big Questions'

The right to choose - 'The Big Questions' 2009

CIT vs TFL Report on Case

London Bus Case: Report on case so far

CIT vs TFL: London Bus Case

Mike Davidson talks about London Bus Case

High Court Ruling: Judicial Review Application

Application for Judicial Review refused: CIT vs TFL - London Bus Case

British Library Protest, 2012

A protest at the British Library: Stonewall event

Christian Weekly News

Christian Weekly News: pavement, park, pew, pulpit and parliament

Mike Davidson and Peter Tatchel in Parliamentary Debate

Parliamentary Debate: House of Commons Committee Room

Christian Weekly News

Christian Weekly News: London Bus Case

Understanding Same-sex Attraction

Undersanding Same Sex Attraction

Debunking the Myths Conference Highlights

Highlights from the 'Debunking the Myths' Conference event

Experts debunk myths around homosexuality

Robert Gagnon, Anne Paulk, Christopher Rossik

Church of Ireland Dublin Debate

Robert Gagnon Debate in Dublin

Key Christian Leaders Address Belfast Ministers

Key Christian Leaders address belfast Ministers

The Right to Decide: seeking justice for choices around unwanted same-sex attractions

Illustrative video: counselling and support for unwanted same-sex attractions

Such were some of you Trailer

Pure Passion: "Such were some of you" trailer

The 'culture war' of gay Conversion Therapy

Victoria Derbyshire, April 2015

BBC 1 Gay Marriage?

What about 'gay' marriage

Dr Mike Davidson LifeNews (Russian TV)

Why does Britain wnat to ban therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions?

Mike Davidson, LifeNews (Russian TV)

Why does Britain seek to ban therapeutic support for unwanted same-sex attractions?

OSCE (HDIM) UK Representative Response to CIT 29th September

Response to CIT Intervention UK Delegation OSCE HDIM 29th September 2015

OSCE Warsaw, Poland Working Session12, 29th September 2015

CIT Intervention at the OSCE HDIM meeting. WORKING SESSION 12 Specifically selected topic: Combating hate crimes and ensuring effective protection against discrimination

Mike Davidson on High Court judgment in

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