"We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice,
we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison (1943-1945)

Live With Mike


Not everyone is attracted exclusively to the opposite sex, nor to the same sex.  Many people have mixed attractions. Choices around how we identify express our sexuality is something deeply personal and private. There is no one "exotic" type of therapy useful for this work. Some change-allowing therapies and counselling approaches are known to assist persons seeking to move away from unwanted feelings, behaviours and attractions.  In this series, Mike Davidson makes explicit the approaches used by Core Issues Trust around the SAFE-T model, or sexual attraction fluidity exploration in therapy.



Core Issues Trust Presents "Live with Mike" (Series Intro Clip)

In this 10-part series, Mike Davidson presents an interactive opportunity to engage with a range of approaches and techniques that may be useful when working with those wanting to leave unwanted sexual feelings and attractions or identities that no longer serve them. Session 11 was a special broadcast with special guest, Dr Ann Gillies from Canada.


The Counselling Plan | LIVE WITH MIKE - Episode 1

When we decide to work on our unwanted sexual and emotional issues, we need a plan. In this session Mike Davidson considers some basic needs in working with a counsellor. He outlines the next of this 10-session series, beginning Thursday 22nd April and happening Wednesdays, 12.00 BST to 24 June, 2020.

"Attachment Hunger" | LIVE WITH MIKE - Episode 2

Mike Davidson considers the role of "Attachment Hunger" in toxic relationships leading to addiction to a person. How do we get free? Are there things we can do to help ourselves so that it doesn't keep happening? How does this help us to develop strategies for managing or changing unwanted same-sex-attractions, feelings and behaviours?

Addictions And Patterning | LIVE WITH MIKE Episode #3

Mike Davidson discusses the role addictions play in masking emotions and craving attention. In conversation with the CIT team a difficult Bible passage is reflected on and an important exchange with a recovering addict highlights 12-step approaches, as distinguished from psychodynamic approaches common to practitioners with an understanding of attachment theory.

Emotional Dependencies | LIVE WITH MIKE - Episode #4

Emotional dependencies are to be found among all sorts of relationships, including those between the same sex. What is the relationship between dependency issues and our attachment histories? Mike Davidson explores this question in Episode 4.

Growing Assertiveness: LIVE WITH MIKE - Episode 5

Living as an assertive adult is an achievement that comes through experieince, practise and trial and error. For those struggling with sexual identity and unwanted behaviours, its vital to escpe from passive mind-states in which we loose a sense of self. Mike Davidson explains how important the life-goal of adult assertivness is.

Cross-Cultural Competence - | LIVE WITH MIKE Episode #6

Learning to communicate effectively is part of growing assertiveness. To communicate really effectively, we have to cope with difference and recognise that others are not the same as ourselves. Mike Davidson examines the complex world of cross - and inter-cultural communication. Knowing how to effectively communicate with others means we will have been critically reflective. He shares some basic tools for helping to understand ourselves and then learning how to reach out to others. Loneliness will be the casualty of better communication...

Ancestor Syndrome | LIVE WITH MIKE | Episode 7.

Is the individual really the most basic form of human existence. Mike Davidson discusses the "Social Atom" - the fact that we are composed of all of our nurturing, trans-generational traumas, and inputs of generations before us. He encourages us to know ourselves and so to empower ourselves to assertively and confidently engage with the world we live in

The Replacement Child Syndrome | LIVE WITH MIKE | Episode 8.

Mike Davidson says he was a "Replacement Child". He came to this realisation when he learned in later life that his older, deceased sibling "John" was really named "Michael". He describes what he believes was the impact of this child's death on his father - whom he felt was not available for him. This isn't about blame - it's about understanding, empowerment and liberation.

Big T and little t Trauma | LIVE WITH MIKE | Episode 9 with Dr Ann Gillies (CA)

Ann Gilles is a psychotherapist in Canada who specialises in trauma. She shares with Mike Davidson about her work, and the different types of trauma she works with. The unfairness of Calgary's city fathers who are banning therapeutic choice is something the session touches on.

Refining the Strategies | LIVE WITH MIKE | Episode 10

This is the final of a 10-part series looking at the elements of strategies for transforming unwanted same-sex attractions. In this episode Mike Davidson reviews the strategies covered.

Calgary's Ban on Therapeutic Choice | LIVE WITH MIKE - Special Broadcast -Dr Ann Gilles

Trauma Specialist Dr Ann Gilles has much experieince in working to support the choices of those wanting to leave unwanted same-sex and gender confusions. She shares Calgary's Bylaw which criminalises therapeutic choice under the catch-all term, "Conversion Therapy". How this will impact Bible-believing churches is evident in her conversation with Core IssuesTrust's Mike Davidson.