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UKCP Dispute and British Library Protest

In January 2012, the British Psychodrama Association (BPA) bowed to pressure from BBC journalist  and presenter of Sunday Sequence, William Crawley, and then chair of the UKCP, Professor Andrew Samuels, to investigate Dr Mike Davidson from Core Issues Trust. Professor Samuels had earlier in the year refused to enter into dialogue over the matter when approached by Dr Davidson.

The BPA is accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and has at no time produced any documentation or policy statements in relation to therapeutic interventions for unwanted same-sex attractions of its own.

Queries relating to BPA policy in this area appear to indicate an apparent uncritical acceptance of UKCP policy on Repartive Therapies for Members of Sexual Minorities (2011), and its accompanying "Guidance on the Practice of  Psychological Therapies that Pathologise and/or Seek to Eliminate or Reduce Same Sex Attraction," (see below).

 See Relationship Counsellor, Sex Therapist and Sex Addiction Therapist Gary McFarlane's Story opposite

Related to this, in July 2012, Stonewall (Ltd) held its 7th annual "Education for All" conference at the British Library.  Core Issues Trust was there to encourage a closer look at Stonewall's continued promotion of homosexuality and the sexualisation of children and the education system.

Our slogan "Education not Indoctrination. Who's the real bully?" questions the use of our educational institutions to promote the practice of homosexuality and the inaccurate idea that "homophobic" bullying is the most common cause of bullying in UK schools. Watch Gay Activist and cmpaigner Patrick Strudwick and Professor Michael King on BBC 4:

According to Ofsted (2012) the most prominent kind of bullying has to do with appearance and background, not sexuality.

Protecting gay people from bullying should never be used educatively to promote homosexuality so that individual identity choice is obscured.

Gay feelings may change and may be helped to change. There’s no such thing as ‘no choice’ when we experience gay feelings.

The claim that gay feelings are hard-wired is the opposite to what science teaches: that the environment is the major causal factor.

Stonewall doesn’t appear to recognise the need for spaces in our schools where children and their parents can live according to faith or no-faith values and walk away from homosexuality respectfully and with dignity.

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YES for the Right to decide to reduce homosexual feelings where possible, using professional help



UKCP Guidance Documents and Statements:

  1. UKCP statement on the 'repartive' therapy for members of sexual minorities (2011)
  2. Guidance on the Practice of  Psychological Therapies that Pathologise and/or Seek to Eliminate or Reduce Same Sex Attraction (2011)
  3. UKCP Statement on Mike Davidson (20 January 2012)
  4. UKCP Statement on Core Issues Trust Conference (January 2012)
  5. UKCP Welcomes Decision to pull "gay cure Adverts from London Buses

  1. UKCP welcomes BACP's decision to  update its guidelines on 'reparative therapy'.

Therapist Lesley Pilkington on BBC 4



A critique of the UKCP document (opposite) and some considerations for those critical of our work:
  1. A Critique of the UKCP's Ethical Principles and Codes of Ethical Conduct Guidence on the Pratise of Psychological Therapies that Pathologise and/or seek to Eliminate or Reduce Same-Sex Attraction.(Dermot O'Callaghan)

  2. Supporting individuals conflicted in religious and sexual identities. (Mike Davidson)

  3.  When identities collide: providing therapeutic support for individuals with sexual and religious incongruence, ethically. (Mike Davidson)
  4. Thoughts about the UKCP's statement on "Reparative" Therapies. (Mike Davidson)
  5. MEDIA STATEMENT: Thursday 12 January, 2012. (Core Issues Trust)
  6. OECD Intervention Warsaw 2012: The possible abuse of professional bodies in denying clients autonomy in achieving sexual identities which refuse to embrace homosexual feelings - by penalising professional psychotherapists.
  7. OECD Intervention, Vienna 2012: Ostracising difference: the new ideology of professional psychotherapeutic bodies that shame, and expel members who support autonomous individuals, seeking help to achieve personal emancipation, by reducing unwanted same-sex attractions aligned with personal values.