"We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice,
we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself." Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison (1943-1945)

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27th January 2016

TFL vs CIT Costs (£8,870.87) paid in full!

We thank God for all those supporters who have helped in raising a considerable sum required, we believe unfairly, by Transport for London, in respect of the London Bus Case in which we opposed the promotion of a categorical understanding of homosexuality in the public space. We believe individuals should have the right and freedom to leave unwanted sexual practices and be supported by professionals to do so. This case demonstrates the silencing imposed on any dissenting position and with no regard to the emerging evidence that sexuality is fluid and changeable for many.

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  • Bible not 'prudish' according to theologian

    Speaking of the Theology of the Body (Christopher West) conference, Mike Davidson said "What we are seeking to do is recongise perhaps there is an unhealthy trend, an excessive pietism today, that absolves the Church from looking at very serious issues that have crept into the society". Read more

  • Costs Demand from TFL against CIT

    Transport for London (TFL) lawyers have asked the Enforcements of Judgements Office in Belfast to issue a Custody Warrent against all goods of Core Issues Trust. The warrent requires payment of £8870.87 despite the fact that cases between 2013-2015 indicated proceedural flaws in TFL's dealings with CI... Read more

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Part 1: "A Bold, Biblical Response to the Sexual revolution." Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel Conference, London 14 - 16th January 2016. (Christopher West)

Culture & Sexuality Blogs

  • Andrew Symes | 19th January 2016

    Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel: Day 1

    an interdenominational group met for the first part of a three day conference entitled “Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel”, featuring the teaching of Christopher West. Read more

  • Andrew Symes | 19th January 2016

    Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel: Day 2

    Christopher West continued his exposition of biblical theology, tracing the teaching of Scripture about God, humanity, salvation and the church, using the theme of humanity created in the image of God, male and female. As before this was interspersed with contemporary-style worship, and time for conversation and fellowship. Read more

  • Andrew Symes | 19th January 2016

    Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel: Day 3

    The final day of the conference, Saturday 16th January, began as usual with coffee, fellowship, and worship led with passion and sensitivity by Helen Burgess and Edwin Fawcett. Not surprisingly, more people were present than on previous days. The programme was advertised as foregrounding Christopher West as a keynote speaker, but including two other significant inputs, as well as contributions from the floor. Read more

  • A meeting of the Parliamentary Gay Club was held on Tuesday 3rd November in Westminster Hall to “consider gay conversion therapy and the NHS”. I call it the Gay Club because they were all of one mind, nobody asked any difficult questions, and nobody spoke in opposition to what was being said. Read more

  • Lisa Nolland | 4th November 2015

    Our Children as Gay Champions (pt1)

    A popular approach of UK evangelical churches to this issue is to shun controversy while focusing on ‘gospel love’. This approach is essentially free of ethical demands, and foregrounds PC [politically correct] positives while leaving the controversial bits, such as homosexuality, for later. Read more

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  • A Critique of UKCP’s Ethical Principles and Codes of Professional Conduct:

    A Critique of UKCP’s Ethical Principles and Codes of Pr...

    Guidance on the Practice of Psychological Therapies that Pathologise and/or Seek to Eliminate or Reduce Sam... Visit link

  • Beyond Critique: The Misuse of Science by UK Professional Mental Health Bodies

    Beyond Critique: The Misuse of Science by UK Professional...

    In this 2nd Edition of the same title, Dermot O’Callaghan’s concerns about the research data of the Roy... Visit link

  • Standing with those moving out of homosexuality c  LBC Radio 3/11/15/

    Standing with those moving out of homosexuality c LBC Ra...

    Report and phone in on the day of MP Mike Freer's 'debate' in Westminster Hall on Gay Conversion Therpies a... Download audio file

  • Hansard Record 'Westminster hall Debate 'Gay to Straight Conversion Therapy'

    Hansard Record 'Westminster hall Debate 'Gay to Straight ...

    20 Nov 2013 : Column 385WH Motion by Sandra Osborne, MP with then Minister Norman Lamb. Visit link

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About Core Issues Trust

Core Issues is a non-profit Christian ministry supporting men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression.

It respects the rights of individuals who identify as 'gay' who do not seek change, and supports dignity for LGBT persons. It does not support gay "marriage" - usually considered an "equality" issue, premised on the belief that being gay is "biological" and is therefore unchangeable. Core Issues Trust offers one-to-one support for individuals voluntarily seeking to leave homosexual behaviours and feelings. Please read our "Statement on Prejudice". The Royal College of Psychiatrists (2014) has recently affirmed that human sexuality is fluid for some, and therefore changeable in some cases. Core Issues Trust promotes the idea that individuals are not "victims" of their sexual desires.

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  • 1st February to 22nd February 2016

    Looking to talk through confidential issues?

    If you'd like to talk through issues relating to sexuality, Mike Davidson will be available in London on Monday 1st, Monday 8th and Monday 22nd in Central London. Please email info@core-issues.org to make an appointment. Read more

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