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Ex-Gay Christian Counsellor Hounded by Psychotherapeutic Associations (UKCP/BPA) - DOCUMENTS HERE


Full Press Statement Here (Saturday 12 October, 2013)

(See further relevant documentation below)

Core Issues Trust notes, without surprise, action by the British Psychodrama  Association under the direction of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP), to remove registrant Dr Mike Davidson from the BPA’s register of professional membership, though no client has made any complaint against him. 

In a statement dated 05 October 2013, an Appeals Panel stated that “having considered all the evidence placed before us the panel have decided to: reject the appeal, confirming the previous decision and outcome”.  An earlier inquiry panel set up by the BPA Professional Conduct Committee had found against Dr Davidson and ruled that he be removed from the register principally because he was said to be in breach of UKCP Guidance on the Practice of  Psychological Therapies that Pathologise and/or Seek to Eliminate or Reduce Same Sex Attraction . This Guidance document, on the strength of only one citation, claims that there is “overwhelming evidence” of harm associated with reducing or eliminating homosexual feelings, and that to attempt do so is “not in the client’s best interests”.

Dr Davidson began training as a psychotherapist in 2009 and, at considerable financial cost to himself, was accepted onto the course of training, having expressed a desire to properly prepare for therapeutic practice, including in the area of supporting individuals conflicted in sexual identity seeking celibacy, or change where possible. In 2010 and 2011 the UKCP, accrediting body of the BPA, released statements about their opposition to such work.  Professor Andrew Samuels, then Chair of the UKCP, refused to dialogue on questions raised by Dr Davidson at the time, shortly before the “Guidance” notes (above) were produced.  Following a BBC Radio Ulster programme in January 2012, Dr Davidson was placed under investigation following presenter William Crawley’s enquiries to the BPA.

In its deliberations, the BPA’s Professional Conduct Committee refused to respond to substantive documentation defending the registrant, nor would it answer any questions concerning therapeutic practice for working with unwanted same-sex attractions.  It claimed that the BPA was bound to subscribe to the Guidance of the UKCP, unquestioningly.  Quite simply, this meant that it was forbidden for a therapist to assist a client in reducing unwanted same-sex attraction.

Neither the original inquiry panel, nor the appeal panel have engaged in any of the substantial issues raised in extensive supporting documentation submitted by the registrant by responding to matters raised by Dr Davidson. Both panels claim unquestioning obedience to the UKCP’s position.  The UKCP in turn relies extensively on the claim by the LGB special Interest Group led by leading gay activist Professor Michael King of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych).  Submissions by Professor King, in the name of the RCPsych, to both the Church of England and the Government ,  are known to be flawed. This trend is consistent with political decisions made since 1973 when the American Psychological Association removed homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders, despite the worrying levels of psychological and physiological damage linked to homosexual behaviours. Such political action has closed the door to research, dialogue, and understanding of therapeutic contributions to this area. Professional bodies such as the RCPsych perpetuate the myth that homosexuality is “biological”, completely ignoring the obvious contribution of the environment to the condition, indicated by large data sample populations, such as the Australian Twin data base.

By banning practitioners such as Dr Davidson who reject the  doctrine of biological innateness and immutability of homosexuality, together with supervisory structures supporting those like him,  the UKCP ensures that ad hoc service providers are likely to work increasingly ‘under the radar’.  Core Issues Trust urges proper regulation rather than banning in this area of work to ensure appropriate training, supervision and accountability of therapists.  It abhors the autocratic clamp-down within professional bodies that denies the hearing of evidence supporting the principle that individuals have a right to professional support to achieve reasonable life goals relating to sexual identity and practice.


  1. British Psychodrama Association Appeal Panel Outcome (5 October 2013)
  2. “Defence of Practice” Document submitted as one of 31 documents (No response)
  3. UKCP Guidance on the Practice of  Psychological Therapies that Pathologise and/or Seek to Eliminate or Reduce Same Sex Attraction
  4. Final letter to PCC in response to BIP January 28 Letter1FINAL  (14 Feb 2013)13 October 2013 - references to correspondence in ("Timeline" Appendix (5) - below
  5. Timeline Document for Response to PCC BIP Correspondence February 2013 (adapted) Final 14 October

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  1. Statement by Supervisor 1
  2. Statement by Supervisor 2
  3. Compaint by BPA Executive Chairman J Salisbury against M Davidson following BBC broadcast (22 nd January 2012)  dated 12 September 2012
  4. Letter fropm BPA PCC to M Davidson 20 March 2012
  5. Letter from BPA Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) to M Davidson 22 January, 2012
  6. Response from BPA to BBC (William Crawley, Presenter), enquiries concerning Dr M Davidson

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  1. Letter from Prof Andrew Samuels agreeing communication, 5th July, 2011
  2. Letter to Professor Samuels in response to his letter of 5th July, 2011, together with his response (27th July, 2011) 


  1. Dr Geraad van den Aardweg (Netherlands): Letter to Dr Kate Kirk, Chairman BPA Executive 15th October 2013
  2. Dr Christopher Rosik, President of NARTH (National Association for Research into Therapy of Homosexuality. 21 October, 2013
  3. Dr Joseph Berger, Consultant Psychiatrist Toronto, Canada. Distinguished Life Fellow American Psychiatric Association. 27 October, 2013.
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